Is your stylist Edward Scissorshands?

What’s more important to you when choosing your hair stylist: A dazzling floor show featuring dancing scissors, or a style that you can replicate at home?  Does your stylist know what’s best for your hair, or do you like to determine your hair’s destiny? As a stylist and salon owner, I always ask new clients why they are searching for change. The most common reason is that their stylist doesn’t listen to them – or leaves them with a style that they can’t replicate at home.

How is your hair's health?

As we move further into the heat of the summer, we find ourselves enduring the outdoor elements of heat and sun, all the more, while hanging out on the beach or by the pool! But as we transform ourselves through diet, exercise, tanning and hair color, it is important to remember our hair’s health! The very things we do to improve our appearance can negatively affect the health of our hair. During this season, protecting your hair is of utmost importance, because your hair’s appearance is directly affected by sun, heat and humidity.

Pageanty - Preparing for lifelong success

Who thinks beauty pageants have no relevance in today’s society? It’s easy to prove them wrong by watching a little evening news and television…or watching some James Bond! Before Oprah Winfrey became one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential women, she was Miss Black Tennessee. Halle Berry was a “Bond girl” and won an Oscar for Monster’s Ball, but in earlier days she was Miss Ohio USA.  And long before she held one of the most important positions in evening news, ABC’s Diane Sawyer was America’s Junior Miss!

The truth about hair trends

Recently,  we celebrated Mother’s Day with dinner and a viewing of the newest remake of The Great Gatsby. As I watched the movie, I was reminded that while times change, hair styles seem to recycle in new and different ways! In fact, many of today’s “new” styles are simply retreads of styles first popularized decades, if not centuries ago!  So when choosing a style that’s best for you, focus first on what works best with your facial shape and hair texture and remember that your personalized style may be tomorrow’strend. I hope you enjoy this summary of today’s trendy styles and their historical origins!